TRIP OUT guides

The 'Trip Out' guide, published every two years, is the only complete directory of the passenger boat
services of the British Isles and is a vital source of information for anyone involved in the business of
running passenger vessels as well as those who enjoy travelling on excursion vessels or ferries.

'TRIP OUT 2019/20' is a 98-page booklet listing passenger boat operators area by area with their
contact information, details of vessels and a description of the services provided. Maps show
the location of each operator. Symbols indicate catering offered on board. Over nine hundred vessels
are listed, including car ferries, fast catamarans, local pleasure boats, historic steam ships and
horse-drawn canal boats. Here are links to the operators' websites

Here is a pdf file of amendments to the guide, updated on 23 September 2020.

Price 6.50, including postage and packing.

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There are also guides to the coastal passenger ships of Europe,
available as printed booklets
(compiled in May 2016)
or online lists (last updated on 20 October 2020)

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